What Is The Structure of Sales Funnel?

What Is The Structure of Sales Funnel?

Without a sales funnel, you would blindly sell without knowing the customer’s condition, resulting in very inefficient sales. It’s like door-to-door sales at random.

First of all, you need to make contact according to the customer’s condition. You can understand the needs of customers.

You can maximize the value of your sales opportunities by creating a sales funnel and analyzing potential customers, prospects, and customers.

Structure of Sales Funnel

Even if you say a sales funnel in a nutshell, there are various theories depending on the person who explains it. Some people divide the sales funnel in different levels, while others make it simpler.

In this article, you will learn the sales funnel in three parts so that you can easily understand it.
Basically, it can be applied to any case if it is divided into the following three.

Structure of Sales Funnel

Top Of The Funnel

The Top of Funnel is the entrance of the Sales Funnel. In this state, the other person knows little about your business or product and feels no need. People in this state are called potential customers, and refer to people who are not yet potential customers. The first person to visit your site is in this respect state. So how do you take a person in a respected state to the next stage? Commonly used here are free offers such as PDF reports and free trials.

Middle Of The Funnel

Those who are interested in the free offer will move on to the next stage, the Middle of Funnel. At this stage, you need to change from Suspect to Prospect. Email is commonly used for this purpose. By setting up step mail properly, you can stimulate your needs and increase your interest in the product.

Bottom Of The Funnel

The Bottom of the Funnel is the stage of turning prospects into customers. At this stage, the point is how to smoothly propose products to those who are interested. Online, the sales page plays that role, but it could also be phone or face-to-face sales.

Understand The Process

In this sales funnel, all sales start with potential customers and prospects, and actually purchase products. It shows the idea of ​​ending up with a small number of narrowed down customers. The level of the sales funnel varies from business to business, but is generally divided into four sections.

Those who are interested in your business, those who have contacted your business, those who have contacted your business many times, those who have purchased.

Basically, if you think about it in three parts, it can be applied to any case.

The sales funnel is basic, so it’s important to understand. Recently, customer behavior has become complicated, so please apply it to marketing according to your business.

Successful companies have marketers who understand the sales funnel. We use this to make both content marketing, social media marketing, customer analysis, and sales and marketing work well.

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