What Is the Sales Process In Sales Funnel?

What Is the Sales Process In Sales Funnel?

To build a sales funnel, you need to understand the sales process.

The sales process you’re about to talk about may vary depending on what you’re selling, but it’s generally a valid one that your customers go through before they pay.


The first step is to make potential customers aware of you and your products. I think you will do it through social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, seminars, web advertising, affiliates, word-of-mouth, and so on.

You need to find out what method is best for you to make it known. If you find it quickly, focus on it.


Next, you need to educate to get to know you. Because they don’t know about your products and services, you need to teach them to solve their worries.

You can start selling at this stage, but the closing rate will be low because the credit is still weak. So think about ways to get along with your prospects. You can sympathize with talking about common topics with potential customers and your experiences.


Next, it takes time for prospective customers to decide whether or not they are the best choice to purchase. At this stage, you find it very useful to do free samples, demos, and more recently videos.

It works effectively if you talk about everything using videos etc. so that your product or service will be evaluated.

Relationship Building / Engagement

You have given all the information your prospects need to make a purchase decision. I got to know you, products, and services and built a relationship of trust. Many people get stuck at this stage. Don’t think it’s brute force sales. Therefore, it is necessary to make fine adjustments by using options, etc., and offering discounts, etc. for a limited time

Once you have a relationship of trust, consider why you should buy it as an option.


Congratulations on your commitment! The prospect has promised to buy your item. Generally combined with the “buy” next step, but there are different steps in some industries. There are cases where you make a verbal promise. In this case, it is likely to change significantly over time. If you make a sale, you should sign a contract now.

Let’s devise a contract now without any time.


You are now your customer. Let’s celebrate. This is the beginning. Customers will continue to bring you money. Let’s keep in touch with us.

Your fan/repeater

This stage is outside the sales funnel. It’s the customers at this stage that will make your business a leap forward. There are two levels at this stage.

One is your fan. After making a purchase, they will tell your friends about you and recommend the product. Word of mouth, words are powerful. This will have a great impact on the entrance to the sales funnel and potential customers.

The second is repeat customers. Repeat customers are the best customers for your business, as they don’t need your help, so there are no advertising costs. You should strive to maintain constant contact.

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