What is Social media manager and how to make a career as a social media manager

What is Social media manager and how to make a career as a social media manager

What is Social media manager and how to make a career as a social media manager

I am working as a social media manager for 3 years and it is common to have a “social media manager” who is in charge of social media. The role there is very important, and communication with users is important because it is social as well as content planning.

In addition to replying to comments, it is also necessary to have the power to create the atmosphere of the place and the positiveness to involve the user. You also need the knowledge you have learned about risk management.

Also, since it is a highly immediate social media, it is difficult to operate it well without the permission of each boss. Therefore, a bold transfer of authority to the social media manager is also required.

Therefore, it will be important to share the knowledge and experience that can be expressed as a representative of the company, its philosophy, and so on.

It is almost certain that the company president himself will be the social media manager in a small company. Because he is a person who can embody the company philosophy, he will not be shaken.

Liven up the community, increase fans, manage risk, and increase sales as a result. Such an important job is the occupation of the social media manager.

If you want to learn how to become a social media manager but have no experience you come to the right place because that was exactly me three years ago I started my career as a social media manager and now today I am working as a professional social media manager in MNC.

What do you need to know to become social media manager
This is one of my favorite things about social media management is the truth is there’s really not that much to it and even if you’re a complete beginner with no experience you don’t even know that much about social media and social media management you could probably pick up this information within a week to be able to start offering this service.

If you are familiar with social media you could probably pick up and start offering this service from tomorrow once you learn a few more things what I also love about this business model is it’s very safe and very secure.

Let’s say you’re a graphic designer for the most part or a video editor oftentimes you get a client you edit the video you design a couple posts design a couple images create a logo and then you have to go and find more customers

The thing I love about social media management is you can get a handful of customers and they’ll pay you thousand and sometimes way more every single month on autopilot.

So now what do we need to know so the first thing we need knows is to need to know how the big three platforms work operate and run and as Instagram Facebook LinkedIn.

Now if you have grown up in this industry may be a little bit younger the chances are you’ve used all of these social media platforms and you know a decent amount how they work. Even if you’re a little bit older sometimes maybe you’ve used it for work and whatnot.

But for the most part, all you need to have a good understanding of is what is Instagram for who’s on Instagram how do you use it what is Facebook for how do you use it what’s it you know what’s it good for what’s the LinkedIn like and what is Twitter.

Now just to give you a brief overview in 60 seconds Instagram is fantastic for creative images post is very visual very aesthetic like aesthetics is important on Instagram.

Facebook is really great the issue with Facebook is its reach is dropped and dropped and dropped over the last few years and they’re leaning more towards to paid ads.

The soft side of it saying that though what’s really good with Facebook is the share feature you know if you can get viral posts on Facebook and people share them that honestly compounds and compounds and compounds.

That’s why you’ll see some videos on Facebook which have got like hundreds of millions of views just from that share button and it compounds and reaches millions and millions of people so that’s another great feature is the Reach is kind of low on Facebook about that share button makes it really really attractive and also you can run a bunch of ads so if you did want to reach more people you want to get more page likes you can implement some paid traffic.

Next up we have LinkedIn now LinkedIn is essentially Facebook, but it’s very b2b focus you know business-to-business focused for the business world.

Some businesses let’s say you run an online e-commerce survival business and that’s your client who your client runs a videogame company LinkedIn probably isn’t the best platform for it just because it’s business professionals.

But saying that if you run like any type of insurance investment accounting type business any sort of agencies you know if that’s your client for example then they’re gonna work extremely well over on LinkedIn just because it’s jam-packed full of business professionals so the way I like to look at LinkedIn is it’s like your Facebook of the business world

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