What Entrepreneur means to you – Important things to know about an entrepreneur.

What Entrepreneur means to you – Important things to know about an entrepreneur.

What Entrepreneur means to you – Important things to know about an entrepreneur.

I want to talk to you about this topic, this concept, this thing called entrepreneurship. So what an entrepreneur means to you?

A lot of people talk about entrepreneurship, a lot of people want to be an entrepreneur, a lot of people call themselves entrepreneurs. But so many people are confused about what it is and what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

When you look at the way they think, the way they act it’s clear that they are confused about what this whole entrepreneur thing is all about.

There is a big difference between being an employee between being like a marketer and then being an entrepreneur. If you are aiming to become an entrepreneur if you want to be an entrepreneur we need to define what entrepreneurs are or what entrepreneurship is and then we need to act like entrepreneurs.

What is an entrepreneur?

A lot of people in this space and a lot of people in our industry and people reading this article call themselves entrepreneurs. But we look at the actual definition of the word entrepreneur. 

“it’s a person who initiates, creates and operates business or businesses and takes on more than normal financial risks in order to do“.

An entrepreneur is somebody who creates and operates and runs business or businesses meaning they’re solving challenges or solving problems in the marketplace and they were the monetary reward is a byproduct of what business actually does and businesses solve problems in exchange for the monetary reward which is financial money.

There is a certain way that entrepreneurs completely different from just typical marketers, from typical employees or from people who just want something for nothing.

I want to address a few of those:-

Entrepreneurs are dreamers

Entrepreneurs have a big vision. They are dreamers. I think before we even get into those things let’s kind of define what an entrepreneur means what’s the definition of the word entrepreneur. 

When you and I are calling ourselves entrepreneurs we need to think and we need to act like real true entrepreneurs. So here’s the thing when we become entrepreneurs when we decide to work for ourselves when we decide to do something where we have no boss, nobody’s gonna tell you what to do.

We immediately venture out into an area where we don’t have a boss. And if we are not careful it’s very easy to slip into the thinking of like an employee.

Maybe if you had a job for all your life like a lot of us do and it’s very easy to kind of act like an employee thinking and then calls yourself thinking you’re an entrepreneur but you’re acting like an employee 

Entrepreneurs have big giant visions every single one of them every single one true entrepreneur business owner they all have big visions big dreams big ideas what can be done and they don’t limit themselves. So first and foremost I’m gonna ask you to think about this. How are you doing in that department, are you a big dreamer, do you have visions, are you satisfied with what’s going on in your industry? 

If you’re a true entrepreneur you probably will not be satisfied with what’s going on in your industry. There are always things that can be improved there are always things that we can do better. And there are ideas that we constantly have new ideas, new things that we can improve and implement.

so entrepreneurs are big dreamers.

An entrepreneur is a risk-taker

The second thing is every single entrepreneur is a risk-taker. They’re not people that are what’s the word I’m looking for they’re not typical thinkers they’re not somebody that would make decisions.

Entrepreneurs are a lot of times for lack of a better now that you may be as people who can jump out of the plane and build their parachute on their way down but here’s the thing every single real entrepreneur that you admire that you see out there they’re making moves every single one of them had to take an enormous tremendous amount of risks and they took those risks.

A lot of people see what they’re talking about and then what they’re doing, how they’re acting, they’re completely different things so entrepreneurs are risk-takers.

Are you a risk-taker or are you willing to take risks in order to do whatever it is that you intend to do?

An entrepreneur can’t be a part-timer

There is no such thing as a part-time entrepreneur do you know any part-time entrepreneurs seriously do you know anybody who is truly successful who is crushing it out there making moves in the industry who is well-known who is building something that’s worth building and paying attention to and they’re just like I’m just gonna be part-time in it, I’m just gonna kick the tires.

Entrepreneurs are not part-timers; they’re not even full-timers entrepreneurs. Real entrepreneurs are all the timers. 

I don’t have a work hour. I might have some time. When I’m not on the computer for example or I’m not doing like writing emails or working with designers or developers or building a platform or actually doing work with my hands on the computer and stuff like that.

But my mind is always at work, it’s always spinning, it’s always thinking and feels that what I am thinking about is what I am ready to do.

So if I’m an entrepreneur and I am operating and building a business and the purpose of the business is to solve a challenge or bring a solution to the marketplace to the world to the degree that I can do that effectively will I be successful as I.

Responsible for anything

An entrepreneur cannot blame anybody or anything for a lack of their success. It’s very easy for us to take credit when we win but then when we don’t win it’s very easy for a lot of these so-called entrepreneurs to start blaming it’s the economy, it’s somebody else’s fault, is the thing, it’s this and that but at the end of the day it’s up to you it’s up to me.

We don’t have a boss to tell us what to do, anybody to tell us when to take a break when to start working when to go on vacation when to do whatever. We are our own boss. You decided to become an entrepreneur, you just gave away your right to complain about anything.

There is nothing you can complain about unless you’re willing to change something you don’t have the right to complain about anything. 

Need to be flexible in any situation

Entrepreneurs are very adaptable they’re very flexible they’re like a tree some trees are not very flexible so when there is a wind it breaks right away. Some trees palm trees, for example, are pretty flexible. There could be a huge wind, there could be a huge storm or whatever we’re just gonna band. It just elates a little bit and then the wind goes away it goes back up. 

We need to be flexible because there’s gonna be winds there’s going these storms. Other than the unpredictable situations happening in your life in your business in the economy in the environment in your health in your relationships don’t matter. That should not affect your business world that should not affect how you feel that should not affect what you do that should not affect your decision-making can you’ve got to be very very flexible.

What do you think about this?

Drop me a comment let me know what you think about this.

Let’s talk about how we become great how do you make more money how do you become more successful how do you build a bigger business.

So hopefully you can pick up some of these. They’ll help you find your journey as well I appreciate you thinking about this.

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