How To Manage And Organize Work Desk To Improve Work Efficiency

How To Manage And Organize Work Desk To Improve Work Efficiency

How To Manage And Organize Work Desk To Improve Work Efficiency

I think there are many people who can’t organize their desks.

So, in this article, I’ll show you how to keep your office desk clean, using my desk as an example. If you keep your desk tidy, you can get the information you want when you want it, which will improve your work efficiency.

It’s not difficult to organize, and anyone who knows how to store things can easily keep the desk area neat. We will divide the desk area into 4 parts and introduce each storage method, so please practice it and improve your daily work efficiency.

In order to keep the area around the desk clean, it is important to classify the storage location as “here is the place to store “. It is best to decide the rules that suit your work, but here we will classify them into four areas as basic desk usage and introduce each storage method.

Store On The Desk

Basically, it is ideal to put only the minimum necessary items such as a PC and a telephone on the desk. This is because if things are scattered on your desk, you will see extra information and it will hinder your concentration.

If you find it difficult to use only a PC and a phone, keep documents and small items together as much as possible so that they do not interfere with your concentration.

Organizing Documents

Instead of placing the documents flat on your desk, put them in a case and store them properly.
Files are divided according to usage, and if the file standards are aligned, it will look cleaner.

Utilizing Desk Rack

By installing a rack on the desk, you can secure storage space for keyboards, tissues, etc. It looks refreshing, so it is recommended for people with a small workspace.

Use the accessory case that allows you to grasp the contents

Put all the things you might leave on your desk, such as pen stands and notepads, in the accessory case. It is good to be able to check the contents so that you can use the accessory case immediately when needed.

Store The Upper Drawer

The upper drawer is often used, and small items tend to be scattered around. Another reason is that it is not seen by people unlike on the desk.

However, because it is used frequently, it will lead to improved work efficiency if it is organized here.

There are only two tips for neatly storing the drawers.

Categorize The Contents

  1. First, take out the contents and put together things that are as similar as possible (things that you use together). (Stapler needles, writing utensils and erasers, etc.)
  2. Then, arrange the summary in order of frequency of use.
  3. Arrange the layout from the front in descending order of frequency of use. Place them in order from the position that is easiest to pick up.

Make A Partition In The Drawer

After categorizing the contents to be put in, let’s make a partition according to it. you can easily see what is where at a glance.

Since the drawer is a place to move frequently, put a partition case so that there is as little space as possible. If you have a little extra space, it’s a good idea to fill the extra space with a business card case or a candy box.

Lower Drawer Storage Method

The deepest drawer on your desk is a good place to store your documents. As with the tips introduced in 1-2, let’s divide them into several categories and store them vertically.

As a recommended way of dividing, put them side by side in chronological order with “Documents for last month”, “Documents to be used this month”, and “Documents to be needed next month”. With this method of division, by regularly reviewing the documents for the last month, it is possible to reduce the accumulation of useless documents.

In addition, it is important to utilize labels and indexes so that you can immediately understand “what kind of document the filing contents are”.

I have introduced various storage techniques and goods around the desk in the office, but how was it? It is important to increase the number of situations where you can use what you want to use immediately by properly storing the area around your desk. By reducing the loss of time, the work speed can be increased, which can lead to the improvement of work efficiency. As a first step to becoming a business person who can do it, why not try the storage technique around the desk from where you can to avoid wasting time.

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