How To Increase Email Opening Rates?

How To Increase Email Opening Rates?

By measuring and improving the open rate of e-mail newsletters, we can get more users to read the e-mail newsletter.

It depends on the content of the e-mail newsletter offer, but the current situation is that many e-mail newsletters have not been read in the first place. If you do not open and read the email, it will not be effective.

Whether or not you can open the e-mail newsletter depends on the “subject” of the e-mail newsletter.

What Is Email Opening Rete?

The open rate of the e-mail newsletter is an index showing how many users have opened the delivered e-mail newsletter. The higher the number, the more users have opened the e-mail newsletter.

If increasing the number of e-mail newsletters does not produce the desired results, there may be a problem with the open rate. If the open rate is low, the e-mail newsletter will not be read, and you will not be able to reach the conversion (target action) after that.

How To Increase The Opening Rate Of Email?

here are various factors such as the timing of sending and the name of the sender in order to increase the opening rate, but the most important is the subject. Even if the email is sent at the wrong time, the email sent with the shop name can be opened if it is attractive to the user.

There, we will explain techniques for increasing the opening rate of e-mail newsletters that are universally accepted in any industry.

Write the important things first

First of all, the important thing in giving a subject is to write the important thing first.

You can usually tell by looking at the email sent to you, but if the subject of the email is too long, the latter half will be omitted on the screen of the email software. In addition, users judge whether or not the email is necessary for them based on the first 15 characters.

That is, if the subject is longer than 15 characters, it may be omitted or the user may not see it. The important thing is that you need to write up to the first 15 characters so that you can see at a glance.

Make the subject stand out

It is also important to add sharpness to the subject.

You need to stand out in the list of emails in order to have them open. Emails with only letters listed will not stand out in the list. In order to make the email stand out, it is better to enclose the important parts with [] and use emojis.

There is also an advanced technique that takes advantage of the fact that the subject of other e-mail newsletters is like an e-mail newsletter, and dares to make it stand out by making it a subject like a normal email.

If the response rate drops due to the subject method described below, it is a good idea to dare to add a plain subject.

Make the subject catchy

In the subject, try using catchy words that make you want to open the email, or set sentences that make you want to know the content of the email.

For example, “It’s an important notice.” Or “It’s hard.” These are the subjects of the emails I’ve received recently, but I was a little surprised. I didn’t do anything strange.

Also, please do not write sentences that are not written in the text of the subject. Having a completely different subject does not cause you to lose credibility and increase the number of deregistration.

List Segmentation

A segment is a function that conditional branches a list. For example, if you manage an other-related list and a marketing-related list with one email provider, you can properly manage emails for lists and marketing-related for marketing-related lists. If you do not send the email, the performance such as open rate and click rate will not improve. That’s why you segment the list.

Tagging is the same. For example, it doesn’t make sense to send an email to someone who bought a product called A to sell it. Therefore, it will be more effective if you send an email only to a specific person, such as tagging the person who purchased the A product with something like “A purchaser” and excluding it from the sales email of the A product. ..

So, in e-mail newsletters and sales emails, segment and tag them so that you only send emails to people who might be interested.


If you know the open rate of your e-mail newsletter and make the necessary improvements, you can get more users to read your e-mail newsletter.

With the above points in mind, the subject of the email should be such that the email or the product or service you are introducing is “useful”, “should be opened immediately”, or “special email”. Think about it.

Daily improvement work will increase the open rate of e-mail newsletters.

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