How To Concentrate  While Work From Home To Improve Productivity

How To Concentrate While Work From Home To Improve Productivity

How To Concentrate While Work From Home To Improve Productivity

While Work From Home, there are times when you say, “I’m not motivated and can’t work on it easily” or “I’m distracted and can’t concentrate.” Work that can be completed immediately if you concentrate on it will take more time than usual if you can’t concentrate and do it slowly. Work does not always give good results if you take the time. Here are some ways How To Concentrate While Work From Home To Improve Productivity.

However, you can improve your concentration by changing your environment, your thoughts, and your food. It is impossible to stay focused for a long time.

However, it is important to use these methods to focus efficiently and to be able to concentrate at the right moment.

Organize your surroundings

Keeping your desk and other personal belongings tidy allows you to quickly find what you want to use and materials, improve work efficiency, and reduce mistakes. Also, when the amount of information is large, the brain is burdened with processing it.

The brain, which naturally processes the information that overflows on a daily basis, needs rest. Therefore, if materials, books, magazines, etc. are scattered on the desk when doing something, it will get caught in the eyes and the brain will get tired trying to process it. By working in a neat state, you can reduce the fatigue of your brain and improve your concentration because you can’t see anything extra.

Always put things in the same position

In addition to keeping things tidy, “deciding where to put things” can also help you focus.

When you’re looking for something, you have to pay attention to various places, and it’s easy to lose your concentration. By always keeping things in the same position, you can shorten the time to search for things.

Always keep your desk clean, keeping in mind that you shouldn’t put unnecessary things on your desk and put them back in their original positions each time you use them.

Eliminate unnecessary sounds

While you’re working, you’ve had the experience of not being able to concentrate on many of the sounds around you, such as the knocks, and phone calls.
This is because the brain feels that it may be necessary information and catches it each time.

On the other hand, when working in a cafe, the noise and voice noise is louder than in the workplace, but you can concentrate because your brain determines that you don’t need the information.

Therefore, if you cannot concentrate at work due to noise, it is recommended that you move to a place unrelated to the workplace, listen to music with earphones, and shut out the surrounding sounds.

Also, people cannot concentrate because it is too quiet.
People become sensitive to the sounds of their hearts and small sounds when they are silent, and when they are silent for a long time, they seem to be anxious and crazy. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear earphones and work in a sound that has nothing to do with your work.

Cut off communication

When you work from home, you often end up with a chat or annoying smartphone notifications.

If you really want to concentrate, it is recommended to cut off all communication.
In addition to putting your smartphone into silent mode, turn off the power and store it deep inside your bag, set a time, and never use it during that time.

Try using the Pomodoro technique

Pomodoro technique is a technique devised by Italian entrepreneur and writer Francesco Cirilo.
Pomodoro means tomato in Italian, and it was named because the timer that Francesco used to plan his working time was in the shape of a tomato.

The Pomodoro technique method repeats working for 25 minutes and taking a break for 5 minutes.
With 25 minutes of work time, you never do anything else, just focus on one task.

The reason for working 25 minutes is that people generally know about 23 to get into deep concentration.
By taking a break when you enter a deep concentration-time, you will have a stronger desire to continue working, and by repeating this like a sports interval, you can continue and strengthen your concentration.

Not everyone is optimal with this 25-minute interval. It is also recommended to customize and utilize the Pomodoro technique at your optimal time.

Write down what to do

One way to improve your concentration is to create a to-do list.

It is recommended for sensory people to write down everything they do on paper for the time being, and write down the deadline for each one next to it. And when you’re done, add horizontal lines and checkmarks to complete the task.
This not only makes it clear what to do but also gives you a sense of accomplishment because you can see more and more things that have been completed.

On the other hand, if you are a planner, we recommend that you use Excel to create a graph. By doing this, you can see the flow of the day like doing this work now, and you will be motivated.

There are many ways to do this, but you can organize your mind by writing on paper and visualizing what you need to do. You can work backward and focus to achieve further.

Do an active rest

Do you know a resting method called active rest?

It is a resting method that encourages recovery by daring to move the body when tired and is also called active rest.

Light exercises such as stretching, walking, and running can be done at active rest. It is effective to exercise at a level that is not tight, warms your body comfortably, and stabilizes your feelings.

In addition, you can refresh yourself by exercising lightly and improve your concentration. If you feel tired and unable to concentrate, we also recommend active rest, where you dare to move your body lightly.

Get a good night’s sleep

Lack of sleep leads to cognitive decline in thinking and memory, which reduces concentration and attention.
Good sleep is important for the best performance during the day. So what do you need to do to get a good night’s sleep?

Practice ways to improve your concentration and use it in your work

How was it?
There are many situations in your work from home where you have to concentrate on your work. In such a case, please try this method.

However, no matter which method you use, it is impossible to increase your concentration 100% or keep your concentration forever. If you can’t concentrate, you can take a break and refresh yourself.

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