How to grow an email list: Best tips and my experience

How to grow an email list: Best tips and my experience

Email marketing is a big deal but you don’t have a list, don’t stress because every business started on zero so if you have no subscribers it’s not that hard to get to a thousand. So I am going to tell you how to grow an email list.

If you want to grow your email list you have to think about three types of people that you want to reach and make something that you can give away to each of those types of people. 

That is a freebie that we commonly refer to as a lead magnet and the reason it’s called a lead magnet is that individual person you’re trying to reach is a lead and this is the thing that’s gonna draw them in, that’s gonna attract them to you. 

This is how you’re gonna grow your list, it’s the foundation of building a strong email list. 

The reason I’m telling you to identify three types of people is I think this is a good foundation for you and a good place to start and I think that if you understand these three types of people that are in your audience or desired audience, that you can build more lead magnets for each of these types of people so you can just double up and exponentially grow. 

But let’s just start with your first three so you don’t get overwhelmed. I would say that for each of these types of individuals you can build some different things. 

It could be something like an e-book, it could be a checklist, it could be an exclusive video that they can download, it could be a free email sequence that is like a course where each course has a different tip and they get like maybe five or six of those over the course of a week or two weeks or however you wanna do it. 

These are the common types of lead magnets that people use to get people onto their list and they incorporate these through content marketing. 

You can’t just have a lead magnet, an email list, and a website, you have to have a way to get people there. 

So usually the way that people do that is they write articles that match up with that lead magnet, with that thing that they’re giving away for free. 

They write five or six articles or they make three or four YouTube videos that kind of tie together with that thing and then they offer people the download in the content and people sign up their email address so that they can get that free download. 

This is what’s going to grow your list the fastest and it is the foundation of everything else.

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