Before choose an Email marketing tool keep these things in mind

Before choose an Email marketing tool keep these things in mind

If you are thinking of choosing an Email marketing tool and confused about which software should be taken. And figuring out how to choose an email marketing tool?

Here are some basic requirements that you can expect from any email marketing software, or an email service provider or autoresponder.

There’s three very important things that you should keep in mind before choose the right email marketing tool.


Making sure that you’re able to see your metrics clearly, which means that how many people have opened your email so what your open rates are that means that you need to know what your click-through rates are.

You need to know which emails and your sequences are getting the most opens and the most engagement. You also should know how many email subscribers are being added to your email list every single day and what forms or what entryways are passed aren’t they subscribing to so that’s a really important metric.

Split Testing

It’s really important that your tool has the ability of split testing. You can get really fancy with this or you can get very simple and to the point but there is one very important thing you should split testing and that is your subject line. 

Remember if no one likes the subject line if it doesn’t attract people if it doesn’t jump at them if it doesn’t cause curiosity you’re not gonna give them to open the email. 

The purpose of the subject line is to get your subscribers to open the emails and that’s literally the most important part of your email marketing because if you don’t get that right if you don’t nail your subject line people are just not going to open your emails.


You want to make sure that you have amazing deliverability. So your email marketing tool needs to have a really good reputation, their servers need to be sparkling clean so that your emails actually get through to your email subscribers otherwise you’re going to be landing on the promotions tab or maybe even in the spam box and you definitely don’t want that so deliverability is a huge component.

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