Video Marketing For Small Business – Benefits Of Video Marketing For Small Business

Video Marketing For Small Business – Benefits Of Video Marketing For Small Business

Marketing for small businesses can be a difficult task to achieve when they are almost unknown or newly launched. 

Making professional and informative videos can help in promoting small businesses at very cheap rates and there are great options in video marketing to spread your message. 

It is Important to know the benefits of video marketing for small business.

Video marketing can basically increase engagements for your business which can help to increase your branding. 

The video for small businesses is very useful. Nowadays online presence can make a great impact.

Video marketing can have a tremendous impact on your business. It can increase your SERP and CTR, and most importantly bottom line.

10 benefits of video marketing for small business 

As a small business owner you want to be successful, you want your business to grow, you want to overcome your competitors. 

What is standing in your way apart from the competitors the marketing is standing in your way you may not have a big marketing budget you may not even have the know-how to actually market in these times because the times are shifted to analog marketing channels.

Newspapers radios billboards flyers these things still work but there is an even more potent way to market and that is digital marketing.

Marketing online digitally through the mobile devices and the other devices that your customers have because these customers spend a lot of their time on these devices and these devices are so prevalent.

As a small business owner, I just like to look at 10 reasons 10 benefits of video marketing for small business I’m using.


Conversion is actually what you want the person to take action.

Do you want them to subscribe do, you want him to buy, do you want them to visit your website, do you want them to leave email address? 

Whatever you want them to do video is a number where one way to convert customers.

There’s a statistic for who use video grow revenue 49 percent faster than non video users.

Think about that social video generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined imagine that.

Everyone is growing with videos

People just cannot have enough videos. Video growth is exploding throughout the years and keeps getting greater and greater. 

In fact facebook says in 2020 most of its content will be consumed through videos. YouTube continues to grow in 2017 a hundred million videos were uploaded every minute on YouTube. 

Every minute 100 million 100 thousand 100 million videos recorded in a statistic from 2017 and it keeps growing. 

Everyone is using videos. Everyone is growing with videos. Why aren’t you that’s the question.

Reach targeted customers

You can reach customers exactly where they are as I said before these people are on their mobile devices. We spend more time on these devices now than anything else. 

People are consuming news on these devices people are just living on these devices.

So you have to get them where they are and the best way to reach them where they are is by using videos because the videos will convince them to do whatever you want them to do.

Brand Recognition And Brand Awareness

Video marketing for small businesses is brand recognition and the goal of brand recognition is to have customers recognize your brand.

Brand awareness is a little different. There’s a thin line between brand awareness and brand recognition. Brand awareness is typically defined as the ability to pick your brand from memory based on a product category.

So one is based on visual audio clues that are recognition of what you can see or hear and the awareness now is based on memory. 

Based on a product category what if they need any type of digital marketing service they can say oh I remember that guy who I saw on YouTube let me check them out that’s brand awareness.


We are in the age of the influence of where people are being seen as authorities on subjects.

People actually get rich just by being Authority and being followed as an authority on a particular subject.

Online Presence 

If you are not present somewhere you cannot be seen. The more you are present the more you are seen. 

It is the same thing with videos. The more videos you have, the more opportunity you have to be seen online. 

Boosts Your Website

The benefit of videos for small business is it boosts your website to the presence of videos. If you are a small business you should almost know that you should have a website. 

You must have a website but a video is one of the best ways to build your website except for improving the customer retention rate videos to enhance your SEO.

When readers spend more time on your site watching your videos it signals Google that your website has valuable content and Google will push up your website in the rankings. 

It leads to higher search engine ranking and draws more organic and direct traffic to your website.

If you are pushed up in the rankings when people search they will find you they come to your website that’s how it works.

The web video is on your website boosting the potential for you to get conversions because as we said the first reason we did was that videos boost conversion.

So the videos actually bring more traffic to your website. 

It helps with your website SEO and it helps the bounce rate which is the length of time that keeps a stay on your website. 

The longer they stay onside the more likely they are to buy something or to do whatever action you want them to take. 

YouTube search ranking 

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and your video being ranked on YouTube gives you an opportunity for people to find you because people are there searching for your product for your service. 

They’re actually searching for you and you don’t know it so having your videos on YouTube gives you more potential to be found.

Google Search Ranking

I’ve mentioned before when it is on your website but a video that is optimized that is only on YouTube can also be ranked on Google in Google search in the search results.

You might see videos there you can get your video in the search result as well so if you have a website you have the video on the website you could have your website ranking in Google and your video ranking in Google as well those double rankings boost by far boosts your opportunity for persons to click back to you to watch your video or to go back to your website.

So that was 10 benefits of video marketing for small business and I hope you got something from this that you actually do need videos in your marketing today.

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